How Canto Search works?

Canto's search functionality is designed to help users quickly find the assets they need within their digital asset library.

Written by Sushmitha Venkatesh 02/02/2024


By leveraging metadata analysis, full-text search capabilities, advanced filters, and relevance ranking algorithms, Canto helps users efficiently locate the assets they need for their projects.

A normal search will be a global search; anything in the files that is related to your search term will be displayed. This can be titles, tags, keywords, Product IDs, dimensions, dates, folders, albums, etc.

When using the search bar your top 10 searches will appear as suggested searches. You can use your mouse to hover over the options or use your up/down arrow keys to select the desired term.


Keyword Search:

Users can enter keywords or phrases into the search bar to find assets matching their search terms. Canto's search engine will then analyse the metadata associated with each asset to identify relevant matches.


Metadata Analysis:

Canto's search engine examines various metadata fields associated with each asset, including titles, descriptions, keywords, tags, file names, and custom metadata fields. This comprehensive analysis helps ensure accurate search results.


Search History:

Canto may maintain a search history for each user, allowing them to easily revisit past search queries and results. This helps users track their search activity and quickly retrieve assets they've previously accessed.

Canto allows you to save your search queries so you can easily re-run your frequently used searches through the search bar.

Up to 5 total search queries can be saved and are specific to each user in the account. These queries can be used across the main library, portals, workspaces and style guides.


Special Symbols:

Special symbols such as "&", "_", "-" in keywords will cause the keywords to split.

Note: Please avoid naming files with these symbols ("*", "?", "&", "-") alone. For example, if you named a file "&.png" it will not show up in your search.


Advanced search function:


Expanded Search Criteria:

Canto's advanced search feature allows users to specify multiple search criteria to narrow down search results. Users can combine various parameters such as keywords, metadata fields, file types, and date ranges to create more targeted search queries.


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