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What's required for Canto migration from Cumulus?

This article explains what is required for migrating content from Cumulus to Canto.

To begin our migration process, what databasics CX Team require:

  • Remote access to your Cumulus server
  • An ITS contact who we can contact in regards to any IT-related issues, such as server access, firewall issues and file permissions.
  • An end user who is able to provide the information about their Cumulus solution, this user usually should be the Cumulus administrator
  • The Cumulus super admin credentials

We will then connect to your Cumulus solution to run through a number of checks, such as the total number of records in each Cumulus catalog, and the total number of non-offline records in each Cumulus catalog.


The Cumulus user should also provide us with the information about the Cumulus solution, this includes:

    • The metadata fields needed to be migrated
    • Which catalog in Cumulus needs to be migrated (as part of deciding, we also recommend it is a good opportunity to clean up any unwanted content, so that only required content are migrated to Canto)

Once this information is established from the customer end, we will be able to start the migration process. The migration process includes two parts: data migration which only migrates the records from your Cumulus catalog to Canto. Once the data exists, we can then migrate the selected metadata fields to Canto.